ARD-aktuell: Ingo Zamperoni remains the moderator of the day

As of: 06/22/2022 3:01 p.m

Moderator Ingo Zamperoni remains the daily topics received: The ARD directors agreed to a contract extension by three years. The journalist has been in front of the camera for the news magazine since 2012.

Ingo Zamperoni will remain the moderator for another three years daily topics. The contract with the 47-year-old TV journalist has been extended accordingly, said the NDR in Hamburg, which is responsible for ARD-Aktuell. Zamperoni started at the daily topics In 2012 as a permanent representative for the moderation, in 2014 he switched to the ARD studio in Washington as a correspondent. Zamperoni has moderated the again since 2016 daily topicscurrently alternating with Caren Miosga and Aline Abboud.

Intendants agree to NDR proposal

In addition, the contracts of the editor-in-chief of ARD-aktuell were also extended by three years until September 30, 2025, as the NDR explained. Marcus Bornheim (48) remains the first editor-in-chief of ARD-aktuell, Helge Fuhst (38) the second editor-in-chief and Juliane Leopold (38) the editor-in-chief for digital affairs. The directors of ARD had already agreed on the extensions at their meeting in Saarbr├╝cken at the beginning of April 2022 at the suggestion of NDR director Joachim Knuth, and the NDR administrative board has now approved.

ARD-aktuell is a joint institution of all nine state broadcasting corporations based at the NDR in Hamburg. The central newsroom produces the broadcasts daily News, daily topics and night magazine for Das Erste and the ARD media library. She is also for the ARD news channel tagesschau24 also for tagesschau.dethe tagesschau app and the social media channels daily News responsible.

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