“Bachelorette” wants passion: mud on the face and doldrums in the pants

“Bachelorette” wants passion
Mud on your face and slack in your pants

By Kai Butterweck

A few tame elephants invite you to the first season group date. When first getting to know “Deeptalk”, footballer Max stands out from the crowd. After a romantic pool date, however, the question marks pile up at the kicker.

The first night of the roses is history, everyone involved has to collect themselves first. While some of the “Bachelorette” chosen do not know what to do with their jitters, others seek out quiet corners in order to regain control of their own physical and mental balance. In the rose paradise, however, the clocks tick a little faster. If you stay here too long with inner struggles, you will quickly disappear in the shadow of desire.

After the brisk move into the men’s villa and a subsequent fast-forward pool party, the candidates are already standing at attention – ready for the first date invitations. They don’t have to wait long either. Already on the second format day, the first group can pack rubber boots and work gloves. A few kilometers further, the bachelorette in a Lara Croft outfit is standing at the gate of an elephant farm: “Let’s get rid of a little poop here!”, Sharon welcomes the wide-eyed group of men.

The first men feel ahead

On the first group date, a few elephants are in the spotlight alongside the bachelorette.

On the first group date, a few elephants are in the spotlight alongside the bachelorette.

(Photo: RTL)

Thanks to the well-behaved proboscidea, the ice is quickly broken. In addition to a fun mud fight, there are also some conversations. For example, florist Jan scores with an openly expressed “power woman” request. Lukas and Maurice also feel ahead and accompany the bachelorette on a short trip to the private “needs” archive. Sharon clarifies: “For me, passion plays a very important role in life.”

Away from elephant excrement and the first butterflies buzzing around, the excitement increases. In the men’s villa, those who stay at home finally want to really get started. But who will the next date door open for? Footballer Max is lucky. The Cologne native draws the coveted single date joker. Unfortunately, the kicker only gets up to speed to a limited extent emotionally. After an adventurous Cessna flight and a romantic pool date, Max states, “I’m not really sexually attracted.”

“I just want to protect her”

Back at the villa, Max’s openness doesn’t go down well with all his competitors. Above all, recruiter and good-looking checker Emanuell scratches his forehead and does not keep the news, which he received more or less in confidence, for long. On the second group date, Emanuell pours the bachelorette “pure wine”. The deep-frying cockroaches and mealworms crunching on the plates in downtown Phuket have not yet been completely digested when Sharon has to swallow the next “banger”. Petze Emanuell delivers Max to the knife, but without giving his name. “I just want to protect her,” explains Emanuell.

Two new faces for the Bachelorette.

Two new faces for the Bachelorette.

(Photo: RTL)

As if the first tender elbow extension wasn’t already causing enough trouble, there are also two new prince charming on the mat for the second night of the roses. Tom D. and Dominik, the names of the two newbies, don’t want to make it easy for the bachelorette either: “We don’t want to leave right away,” trumpets fun bag and tattoo friend Dominik in the direction of the pack.

Tick, tock, tick…

But the men who are already warmed up don’t let themselves be disturbed. After it is clear that the two newcomers fit the format at least as well as everyone else in terms of state of mind, looks and attitude, music and good humor take over the reins again. A short Chippendale appearance (Basti) and a too greedy turn on dance (Tim) later the Bachelorette has to decide again. Once again, three candidates have to go to bed without a rose. But their names will no longer play a major role the next morning. Then the next dates are already in the house. As already said: In the rose paradise the clocks tick a little faster…

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