Carrying in public: Supreme Court overturns gun restrictions

wearing in public

Supreme Court lifts gun restrictions

Carrying a gun in public in the United States does not require a reason. The Supreme Court overturned a corresponding law in the state of New York and declared it a fundamental right of every US citizen to bear arms in public.

The US Supreme Court has recognized the carrying of firearms in public as a fundamental right of citizens. By a vote of six judges to three, the Supreme Court overturned a New York state statute that required proof of special self-defense needs to obtain a gun license.

The court found that this regulation violated two amendments to the US Constitution. The influential gun lobby organization National Rifle Association (NRA) immediately welcomed the decision on Twitter and celebrated a “victory”. New York governor Kathy Hochul, on the other hand, spoke of a “black day”. The court decision was “absolutely shocking,” she said.

New York state recently restricted access to firearms following a racially motivated gun attack at a convenience store in the city of Buffalo. Recently, the worst US school massacre in a decade had also sparked horror in Texas and fueled the debate about lax US gun laws.

Despite the carnage, the NRA held its annual meeting three days later. The organization, which is as influential as it is controversial, has been successfully fighting tightening gun laws for decades.

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