Ford Group decides against Saarlouis

The approximately 4,600 employees at the Ford plant in Saarlouis had to tremble for months. Where will the new electric car model be built in the future? This question hung over the Saarland location like the sword of Damocles.

E-car is built in Valencia

A decision has now been made in the bidding war with the Spanish plant in Valencia – against Saarlouis. Because, as the Spanish broadcaster “Á punt” announced on Wednesday, the electric car will not be manufactured in Saarland, but in Spain.

Apparently, two electric car models are to be built in Valencia. The public broadcaster from Spain refers to the Spanish Industry Minister Reyes Maroto, who sat at the negotiating table with the Ford management.

current report extra from 2.40 p.m

Special on deciding the future of Ford

After the decision in the bidding war at Ford, a works meeting is taking place today. The SR reports live from 2.40 p.m. in a special program “aktuellerbericht extra” about the decision against Saarlouis.

More than 6000 jobs at risk

Details of the decision of the Ford group are not yet known. Also not whether there will be an alternative for the location in Saarland. For Saarland, the decision is an industrial policy blow. In addition to the 4,600 jobs at Ford itself, more than 2,000 jobs at supplier companies are also at stake.

The state government – ​​also with the support of the federal government – ​​put together a subsidy package to preserve the site. According to Prime Minister Anke Rehlinger (SPD), the package has a total volume of almost one billion euros.

Rehlinger speaks of unfair proceedings

Rehlinger said this in the morning during a state parliament debate on the subject – before the decision became known. It was the first time Rehlinger had officially made serious allegations against the company.

In view of the available concepts and figures from both locations, Ford would have to decide in favor of Saarlouis – but the assumption arises that the process was never fair and that the decision was made from the outset, Rehlinger continued.

SR reports in a special broadcast

There will also be a works meeting today to decide on the future of the Saarlouis location. The SR reports live from 2.40 p.m. in a special program on SR television and on

The SR radio news also reported on this topic on June 22nd, 2022.

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