Formula 1 driver, not a politician: Ecclestone: Vettel should just do his job

Formula 1 driver, not a politician
Ecclestone: Vettel should just do his job

Sebastian Vettel is 34 years old. Still a driver in Formula 1, but also busy with other things. He now knows too much, says former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone in an interview with RTL / ntv. His tip: To become who he was, Vettel has to forget.

After the Formula 1 surprise in Baku, Germany’s top driver Sebastian Vettel received another sporting disappointment at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. After a strong sixth place in the city race in Azerbaijan follows a twelfth place in North America. There is also trouble for the 34-year-old because of a protest on the helmet. We spoke to icon Bernie Ecclestone about the role of the Aston Martin driver in the premier class.

Sebastian Vettel once stirred up Formula 1, but the days when the German star driver dominated events on the racetrack are long gone. He wasn’t happy at Ferrari, nor did he have a good time at Aston Martin. For this, the 34-year-old swings to the moral conscience of the premier class. Former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone looks at the transformation of the Heppenheimer with mixed feelings in an exclusive RTL / ntv interview.

“He’s not that focused. Before, when he was winning races, he didn’t know what was going on in the world and didn’t care,” said Ecclestone. “Now he cares and thinks about the future of the world. I think he’s right, but I don’t think he should use his position for that reason.”

Ecclestone trusts Vettel title

Vettel is very committed to environmental and climate protection and has repeatedly denounced social problems in the world. He regularly uses races in states with violations of fundamental rights for sensational protest actions. The 91-year-old still thinks Vettel is competitive. “It’s about all the things behind him that don’t make it easy to get back to who he was.”

Ecclestone would like Vettel to find focus again as an active racing driver. “He should concentrate a million percent on Formula 1.” On the other hand, he does not see the time for the four-time world champion to resign. Ecclestone would be happy to see the 34-year-old back in contention for the world title. “I would like to see him in another car with Max Verstappen. It would be good for him too.” Champions like Vettel should stop when they are at the top.

Incidentally, Ecclestone does not believe that the Heppenheimer will resign. This discussion has been wafting through the paddock for quite some time. “Well, I think they (Editor’s note: Aston Martin team) are happy to have him on the team. Everyone is happy with him. It’s a question of whether he has decided to become a politician or a Formula One driver be.”

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