“I’m an ardent royalist”: Gysi and Schmidt throw the balls to each other

“I am an ardent royalist”
Gysi and Schmidt throw the balls to each other

What do you call it when a political veteran and an icon of TV entertainment meet? “Gysi and Schmidt” of course. And so the left and the entertainer deliver a war of words of a special kind on “ntv Rückblick” – including amazing confessions.

Who says politics and entertainment don’t go together? Gregor Gysi and Harald Schmidt appear on “Gysi and Schmidt: The ntv review” (also available on RTL+) regularly offers proof to the contrary. So again tonight at 11.30 p.m. in the ntv program, albeit in difficult times like never before.

The tour de force of the two through current world events includes the fuel prices and the 9-euro ticket as well as the war in Ukraine, the Queen’s throne anniversary or the conviction of Boris Becker. “What touches me, moves me emotionally, I would not have thought that I would hear again from a green economics minister that fuel had to be cheaper,” says Schmidt, for example.

But that’s not all the praise for the green top team of Economics Minister Robert Habeck and Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock. For him there is actually only “Habock” or “Baerbeck”, says Schmidt. “It’s kind of a Brangelina character, like JLo and Ben Affleck. It’s kind of psychic to me.”

Harald Schmidt has a new hobby

The entertainer’s heart also beats for the 9-euro ticket in local public transport. “My hobby now is super saver fare driving. For eleven euros, if you book in good time, at four o’clock in the morning, you can go anywhere,” explains Schmidt and adds: “You get to know people, you get to know cities where you never would otherwise were.”

When the conversation turns to the Queen’s 70th anniversary, Schmidt surprises with an amazing confession: “I’m a fervent royalist. I’m a passionate fan of the Queen and, I have to say, of the entire Windsor clan.” The trained lawyer Gysi returns the favor to his counterpart with a generous offer when it comes to the conviction of Boris Becker: “If you are about to have to go bankrupt, just give me a call.”

Gregor Gysi worries about the grain

Of course, it becomes more serious when dealing with the Ukraine war. Last but not least, the stop to grain deliveries is causing him concern, explains Gysi. “A third of the world’s export grain comes from Ukraine and Russia. They can starve people if they block it. And we’re not prepared for anything,” he explains.

Of course, Harald Schmidt wouldn’t be Harald Schmidt if he didn’t have an ironic swipe at the ready, at least in view of the looming energy supply problems in this country: “Then we’ll sit there with two sweaters and watch the soccer World Cup in the country of our new energy partner Qatar. ” But it’s not that far yet. Now let’s take a look at summery temperatures in the “Gysi and Schmidt” T-shirt.

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