‘It’s pretty big’: William and Kate are ready for the gallery

“It’s pretty big”
William and Kate are ready for the gallery

Prince William and Duchess Kate are 40 years young. And yet they are now being immortalized in a painting for the first time. Shortly after the unveiling, the two are back in action. Together they visit a children’s hospice.

Prince William and Duchess Kate have probably been photographed millions of times. But to date, no major artist has captured them on canvas. Now, however, the first official portrait of the two has actually been unveiled – at the Fitzwilliam Museum at the University of Cambridge.


William and Kate are also impressed with themselves.

(Photo: picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS)

The painting shows the royal couple standing side by side, both looking out of the picture to the right with a hint of a smile, the Duchess has her arm around William’s waist.

In the artwork, Kate wears an emerald Susie Cave dress that has a metallic shimmer. She wore the dress on a visit to Dublin in March 2020. In the picture she is now in “Hangisi” heels by Manolo Blahnik, which enjoy cult status among “Sex and the City” fans as Carrie’s wedding shoes. Her outfit is completed by loose hair and a brooch over the left breast. While Kate’s dress is far from everyday, Prince William in the picture is classic in a black suit, blue tie and white shirt.


The painting was created by award-winning British painter Jamie Coreth, who describes being selected for the painting as “the most extraordinary privilege of my life”. According to “Sky News”, Coreth explains his vision with the words: “I wanted to show their royal highnesses in such a way that they look relaxed and approachable as well as elegant and dignified.”


In Milton, the couple attended a children’s hospice.

(Photo: picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Coreth seems to have achieved that. The royals couldn’t take their eyes off the unveiling. “Incredible,” slipped Prince William. And: “It’s pretty big.”

Visitors can admire the painting in the museum for the next three years. Thereafter it will be exhibited in other art spaces and galleries in Cambridge.

Visit to the hospice

But William and Kate aren’t content with being a case for the gallery. On Thursday they also visited a children’s hospice of the organization “East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices” (EACH) in Milton. This takes care of terminally ill, incurable children and young people.

The visit reminded them of the “inspiring resilience of the children who are cared for here, the incredible strength of their families and the unwavering support of the staff,” the royals said on Instagram, among other things. In addition, they published a short clip that shows them with some children and their families as well as in conversation with employees and helpers.

According to the organization, it was Kate’s first public visit to Milton – and the first time she visited the facility with William. The Duchess has been Patron since 2012 and is committed to EACH’s work in the Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk regions.

“A Day to Remember”

According to EACH’s Phil Gormley, it was “a very special, memorable and meaningful day”. Among other things, Prince William and Duchess Kate spoke to the employees about how challenging the past few years have been, especially because of the corona pandemic. Kate supports her “with warmth, empathy and understanding” away from the public.

According to the organization, it is currently taking care of more than 580 children, young people and their families. Milton Children’s Hospice was opened in the summer of 1989 by William’s late mother, Princess Diana (1961-1997).

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