“Like Ray Liotta in an open coffin”: “GQ” cover with Brad Pitt causes a stir

“Like Ray Liotta in an open coffin”
“GQ” cover with Brad Pitt causes a stir

Brad Pitt doesn’t have to prove that he can slip into different roles. But now the actor has raised eyebrows with his new GQ cover photo. On the internet he gets confused with Ray Liotta or Antony Starr.

A “GQ” photo shoot with Brad Pitt has caused some confusion on the internet. The cover star of the new issue is presented in the pictures in a particularly artistic way – probably too artistic for some viewers.

On the cover, the Hollywood star is lying in a bright blue suit in the water adorned with flower heads, a small salamander is crawling on his chest. Both Pitt’s apathetic facial expression and the strangely crooked hand under the chest bother some fans and even worry them. On Instagram, many think Pitt looks dead in the photo and ask in the comments if he’s okay.

But many also have other associations with the photo: “I seriously thought that was Homelander,” is one of the most popular comments. Homelander is a character from The Boys comic series, played by Antony Starr. Others are reminded of actor Ray Liotta, who died in May this year. “Had to look twice, thought it was Ray Liotta in an open coffin,” says one of many similar comments.

Style chameleon in every picture

In other colorful pictures by photo artist Elizaveta Porodina, Pitt can be seen in experimental Seventies outfits, with a glitter vest, heels or with rhinestones glued to his eyes. In this series of pictures he reminds many of David Bowie. In another picture, swimming in the flower-filled pond, he wears purple trousers, a turquoise ruffled shirt and gold suspenders – fashions that remind many of the adventurous Harry Styles. In other photos, Pitt can be seen playing with fire in a knee-length man’s skirt and black eyeshadow.

The actor certainly didn’t have to prove that Brad Pitt can slip into different roles. In the also very ambitious interview with the writer Ottessa Moshfegh, he also mentions his own artistic ambitions. “I’m one of those people who speak through art,” Pitt is quoted as saying. “I just always want to create something. If I don’t create anything, I die somehow.”

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