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After war protest on TV
Russian journalist fears arrest at home

There is only one way to stop the Ukraine war: another president in Moscow. The journalist Ovsyannikova, who protested live on Russian television in March, is sure of that. Three months later, she feels safe in Germany, but the long arm of the Kremlin has reached her here too.

The journalist Marina Owsjannikova, who became known for her war protests on Russian television, is considering staying in Germany permanently. “I cannot return to Russia, under any circumstances, because – as far as I know – I will be arrested immediately,” said the 44-year-old in an interview in Berlin. “I feel pretty safe in Germany. But I’m constantly exposed to bullying and hatred on social networks.”

The then editor of Russian state television showed a protest poster against the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine in a live broadcast on Channel One on March 14. It read: “Stop the war. Don’t believe the propaganda. You’re being lied to here”. She received worldwide recognition for this. The Kremlin in Moscow condemned the action. The journalist received fines.

Now the Kremlin is systematically trying to undermine their credibility, Ovzyannikova said: “I’m in a difficult position. The Kremlin wants to say to everyone, don’t believe this person, they’re fake, that wasn’t a real protest. When I was in Russia , they said: She’s a British agent. When I leave Russia, they say: She’s a Russian agent, don’t believe her.” But she added: “I’m not fake.” Ukraine also has doubts about its credibility. She wanted to report there on Russian war crimes, but she was not allowed to work in Ukraine. Her work with the German “Welt” group has also ended, the journalist said. “I have no job.”

Russian journalist: ‘Don’t take back one of my words’

Her two children are in Moscow, she added. Her ex-husband wants to take legal action to ensure that she is never allowed to see her daughter and son again. She is bullied on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. “That’s why my situation is very complicated, but I’m trying not to lose optimism.”

She still thinks her protest action is right, added the journalist. “I would do it again. I don’t take back one of my words. Despite everything, my protest had an effect. I received a lot of messages from Russians who said: ‘Yes, that’s how it is. We’ve been waiting for it.” The fact that there is hardly any public criticism of the attack on Ukraine in Russia is due to the fear of draconian penalties. The Russian does not expect an end to the Russian war in Ukraine for the time being. “It will be uninterrupted for a long time go further,” she said. “There is only one way to change the situation: another president in Russia.”

Ovsyannikova spoke on the sidelines of the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society in Berlin. This is a conference that wants to increase the influence of women in politics. Among other things, participants formulated demands for the G7 summit at the weekend in Elmau

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