Rittenhouse sells video game: Kenosha gunman plans lawsuits against “left-wing media”

Rittenhouse sells video game
Kenosha gunman plans lawsuits against “left media”

He wants to “defend the fake news machine” and plans to sue “left-wing media organizations.” The US teenager Rittenhouse shot two demonstrators in 2020, but was acquitted in a sensational trial. He’s not satisfied with that.

Six months after his controversial acquittal, the US teenager Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot two demonstrators during anti-racism protests in 2020, is launching a video game. The game is about shooting down turkeys representing US media. Among other things, the animals say “Fake News”, the main character of the game is a comic version of Rittenhouse.

In a video posted to Twitter, Rittenhouse said he intends to use the proceeds from the game to sue “left-wing media organizations” for reporting on him. The media “denigrated” him at the time. “It’s time to take a stand against the fake news machine.” The game is said to cost $9.99 and is currently only available for pre-order.

Rittenhouse, then 17, shot and killed two demonstrators in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020. The youth, armed with a semi-automatic rifle, had traveled to Kenosha and joined gunmen who said they were protecting businesses from looters. There had previously been violent protests in the city after a police officer shot African-American Jacob Blake severely in the back.

During clashes amid chaotic scenes, Rittenhouse shot two men and seriously injured a third. In November 2021, however, he was acquitted of all charges in a sensational trial. His lawyers had argued in court that the youth had acted in self-defense because he had been attacked by demonstrators. Rittenhouse became something of a figurehead in right-wing circles and gun rights advocates.

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