Spaniards report interest: Ronaldo should replace Lewandowski at Bayern

Spaniards report interest
Ronaldo is to replace Lewandowski at Bayern Munich

By Stephan Uersfeld

Transfer time is the best time. Everyone is so excited: the media speculates wildly, turning reporters into gurus. The clubs celebrate their transfer coups, otherwise they are happy about the club name being mentioned. Which category does the Cristiano Ronaldo rumor fall into? you decide.

When FC Bayern Munich recently brought a world star to the Bundesliga with Sadio Mané, the TV broadcaster Sky savored this in all its epic breadth. At the beginning of May, they reported on the plans of sports director Hasan Salihamidžić and received a lot of scorn and ridicule on social media. They were simply well informed, even better than the German transfer guru and “Bild” reporter Christian Falk.

Falk divides the world of rumors into “TRUE”, meaning right, and “NOT TRUE”, meaning wrong. And Mané, Falk knew, was in the second category, until the facts changed for him too and the rumor suddenly “NOW TRUE“So right now, it was. The story picked up speed, the negotiations went splendidly and in these weeks those responsible at FC Bayern Munich almost burst with pride. With the Liverpool attacker Sadio Mané was Salihamidžić and Bayern boss Oliver Kahn a real liberation succeeded.

Rumors like autumn leaves

As you know, we can’t do without transfer rumors either. Especially those relating to FC Bayern are wonderful. The club from the Bavarian capital is the biggest entertainment machine in football Germany, polarizes and attracts rumours. In the summer they lie on the street like a few months later the leaves from the trees that are slowly becoming bare. First they are bright and colorful and beautiful. We pick them up, put them between the pages of a book, and when we read the book again, we find them years later. Then, in late autumn, after the rain showers and storms, they become a nuisance, sticking under your feet and making you slip. Then they should go away.

Ah, how wonderful some of these sheets look at first. When we pick them up and years later when we find them again and remember the moment. Some rumors sound just as wonderful.


Happy Bayern bosses.

(Photo: IMAGO/MIS)

The rumor of the century

Like this rumor here: FC Barcelona wants to sign Robert Lewandowski and the Pole wants to leave Bayern Munich. Everything has been said about that. Also from the Bayern bosses, who keep saying “Basta” and mean it. The record champion defends himself against the departure. Because they don’t have a replacement, because Barcelona offer too little and because the Catalans have the reputation of being a bankrupt club. It has been heard time and again that Kahn & Salihamidžić want to see a possible fee (of at least 50 million euros is the talk) on their account immediately. Barcelona plans definitely a new offer.

No matter: Should Lewandowski really change at some point, Bayern are planning a transfer coup of gigantic proportions, now reports the Spanish newspaper “AS“. The 37-year-old Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, multiple world footballer and Instagram icon, should not be happy at all at Manchester United and is looking for a new challenge in his old age Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga is of course a good choice.

Everything made up?

Also because, as “AS” reports, Bayern assure Ronaldo that they are still hungry after ten championships in a row and are playing for the title in the Bundesliga want. In Europe, too, it is said, Bayern are planning an attack on the top. These secret plans are of course shocking news for the national competition, which hopes so much for an end to Bayern’s dominance. But what you promise, you keep. And Bavaria is said to have promised the world star Cristiano Ronaldo: title in the Bundesliga and fight for the Champions League. Tempting!

Sky hasn’t tweeted anything yet and Christian Falk hasn’t made a final judgment yet. All he knows is: “Barcelona’s next offer for Lewandowski is still not high enough!”. But at “AS” everyone agrees: the Portuguese entourage has already been informed about Bayern’s interest and the Bundesliga could therefore face what is probably the most spectacular transfer in league history.

When FC Bayern Munich brought a world star to the Bundesliga in Sadio Mané, the bosses were almost bursting with pride. It’s hard to imagine what would happen if Cristiano Ronaldo signed.

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