Tilman Kuban in “Early Start”: Junge Union: link fuel prices to oil prices

Tilman Kuban in “Early Start”
Junge Union: Link fuel prices to oil prices

The boss of the young CDU demands an end to the tank discount. By linking the price of petrol to the price of crude oil, he wants to limit corporate profits. In terms of arms deliveries, Kuban is calling for a subcommittee.

The federal chairman of the Junge Union, Tilman Kuban, is in favor of legally linking fuel prices to the price of crude oil instead of the tank discount. If the price of oil on the world market rose, fuel prices would also rise. “However, if it drops – which we have already seen in the last few weeks – then it must also be cheaper at the pump,” said Kuban in “Frühstart” on ntv.

“Even if this is an intervention in the market, we still have a world market price for crude oil that works, and we should link ourselves to it.” With such a fixed price you can limit the margins of the big oil companies. Motorists would notice how quickly petrol stations adjusted their prices. “Then you have the question of whether all of this is correct under antitrust law and whether everything is clean.”

Kuban considers it negligent that the federal government is obviously not planning any further relief for the citizens. Calculations would show that citizens with a net income of 2,500 euros would need 1,000 euros more in the coming year to maintain the same standard of living. The traffic light coalition is not reacting to this in a targeted manner, according to Kuban. “She goes across the country with the gravel can, gives everyone 300 euros, a fuel discount that doesn’t work, and a 9-euro ticket for the fun.”

U-Committee on arms deliveries “realistic”

The JU chairman rejected demands from the traffic light coalition for gas savings in private households as “window dressing”. With the currently high prices, they would save on consumption anyway. “Both the industry and the citizens do not waste energy.” Although it is right to involve the citizens, large amounts of gas will not be saved here.

Shortly before Chancellor Scholz made his government statement in the Bundestag, Kuban brought up a parliamentary investigation into the alleged lack of German arms aid to Ukraine. “We will have to check that again very carefully, possibly with a committee of inquiry in the German Bundestag.” You have to talk about what Chancellor Scholz just announced. “He’s proven often enough that he’s an announcer.”

However, Kuban only considers a U-committee to be realistic at a later point in time. At the moment it is not about domestic issues, but about help for the Ukrainians. First of all, the EU summit should send out the signal of a prospect of accession, then more arms deliveries from Germany would be needed. “We’re miles behind.”

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