US Supreme Court extends right to bear arms

As of: 06/23/2022 6:29 p.m

In a far-reaching ruling, the US Supreme Court has made it easier to carry firearms in public. It declared a restrictive provision in the state of New York unconstitutional.

By Julia Kastein, ARD Studio Washington.

It’s a defeat for New York – and for supporters of stricter gun laws throughout the USA: The Supreme Court has now overturned a state gun law that was over 100 years old as unconstitutional.

According to the previous regulation, people were only allowed to carry their handguns in public if they had a corresponding license. And so far, this license has only existed if the weapon bearer can prove a special reason, such as that they absolutely need the weapon for self-defense.

Weapon for self defense

But that very precondition violated every American’s constitutional right to carry a gun, especially in self-defense in public, Chief Justice Clarence Thomas said in his more than 60-page ruling.

The other five conservative judges also voted to repeal the New York law. The three liberal judges, on the other hand, said that this decision seriously complicates the states’ attempts to reduce the risk of gun violence.

US Senate tightens gun laws

Laws similar to those in New York have also existed in a handful of other states, and their future is also in question after the current decision.

After the Buffalo and Uvalde mass murders, Democrats and Republicans in the US Senate for the first time in decades agreed in principle on a slight tightening of gun laws. For example, it should then become more difficult for violent criminals to legally acquire a weapon. The corresponding draft law is to be passed before the summer break.

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