USA: “Say the election was corrupt”

Status: 06/24/2022 10:31 a.m

US President will stay by all means – at the end of 2020 Donald Trump therefore put massive pressure on his Department of Justice. But there he met unexpected resistance.

By Reinhard Baumgarten, ARD Studio Washington

At the end of 2020, Donald Trump’s days as president are numbered, but the then 74-year-old wants to remain in office. Dozens of attempts have failed to have the election results overturned by courts. “We’ve won a landslide victory,” he keeps pounding into his followers. And: “We need the support of the Ministry of Justice.” Trump’s plan: The Justice Department should discredit the election. He calls for the Deputy Attorney General.

Richard Donoghue summarized what Trump had in mind at the hearing on the storming of the US Capitol. At the time, Donoghue was Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and reported a direct quote from Trump: “What I want from you is: Say the election was corrupt. Leave the rest to me and the Republican MPs.”

However, the top of the Justice Department is refusing to comply with Trump’s request. There is no legal basis for this. Trump insists, puts pressure on, and keeps talking about electoral fraud. The Ministry checks and counts. “Our investigation showed that the error rate was 0.0063 percent,” said Donoghue. Trump was not interested in verified numbers, data and facts, he stated at the Senate hearing.

Giuliani advises Trump to change personnel

What should Trump do if the head of the ministry doesn’t react? In exchange, advises Rudolph Giuliani, his personal attorney and whisperer, “Someone should take over the Justice Department who is not afraid of what it will do to your reputation.”

Jeffrey Clark is the man. At that time he worked in the Ministry of Justice and is considered an expert on environmental issues. He is docile and serves Trump as a willing helper. Acting Attorney General Rosen and his deputy Donoghue are alarmed. They had many suspected election frauds investigated and informed the President of their findings. “There were isolated cases of fraud, but none was nearly large enough to call into question the outcome of even one state’s election,” Donoghue said at the hearing.

Trump is running out of time. The Justice Department is one of his last aces up his sleeve. If he doesn’t find out that the election was corrupt, he’ll soon be out of a job.

Trump’s candidate doesn’t get the ministry

Rosen and Donoghue secure support at the Ministry. On Jan. 3, they briefed Trump that “if the President made his proposed change at the top of the Department, top Department officials would resign en masse,” Donoghue testified.

Jeffrey Clark didn’t become Attorney General after all. Two days ago, FBI agents searched his home in Virginia. The FBI declined to provide any information. However, supporters of Clark made a connection with his attitude in the days before the storming of the Capitol and accused the FBI of using the law as an instrument.

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