War against Ukraine: ++ Microsoft: Ukraine allies targeted by Russian hackers ++

Status: 06/23/2022 01:51 a.m

According to Microsoft’s findings, Russian hackers are apparently attacking Ukraine’s western allies on a large scale. According to the operators, two grain storage terminals at the port of the Ukrainian city of Mykolayiv were bombed. All developments in the live blog.

According to Microsoft, Russian hackers are attacking Ukraine’s western allies on a large scale. The software company warned during the night that they were targeting government computers in NATO countries in particular.

Target number one is the United States, but overall Microsoft’s experts have identified attacks by Russian hackers on 128 organizations in 42 countries outside of Ukraine.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, they have succeeded in penetrating the attacked networks in 29 percent of the attacks, it said. At least every fourth successful attack has demonstrably skimmed off data.

According to the operators, two grain storage terminals at the port of the Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv were bombed by Russia. A spokesman for the Viterra Group said one person was slightly injured in the attack on one of the port terminals yesterday. Two silos caught fire and a third was damaged.

The Viterra terminal has a storage capacity of 160,000 tons and includes, among other things, a production facility for vegetable oil. The extent of the damage to the second terminal, which is operated by the Bunge group, was unclear according to the company.

The 27 EU heads of state and government want to discuss the EU candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova today. Chancellor Olaf Scholz supported the EU Commission’s proposal yesterday. According to this, the Ukraine attacked by Russia, like Moldova, is to be given the status that represents the first stage in a lengthy accession process.

In the morning, however, the heads of state and government in Brussels want to first meet with the Western Balkan countries. The issue here will be whether Albanian and North Macedonia – as proposed by the EU Commission – can start negotiations with the EU.

Despite Turkey’s blockade so far, the United States is optimistic about Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO accession process. Hopefully there will be a positive solution soon, said the US State Department’s top diplomat for Europe, Karen Donfried.

The US is trying to get unanimity ahead of next week’s NATO meeting. Sweden and Finland recently jointly submitted their membership applications. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, they want to join the western military alliance.

However, NATO member Turkey is threatening to veto it. All members of the alliance must agree to join.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has been in Iran since yesterday for talks on increased cooperation. Lavrov first met President Ebrahim Raisi, state television website Iribnews reported.

During his two-day visit, Lavrov will discuss the nuclear deal, the situation in Ukraine, Syria and Afghanistan, strengthening trade and energy cooperation and developing cooperation in the Eurasian region and the Caucasus with representatives of the Iranian leadership “, wrote Iribnevs.

The two countries affected by international sanctions recently agreed to expand their cooperation in the areas of energy and trade.

US President Biden is calling for the tax on diesel and gasoline to be suspended for three months. EU Commission President von der Leyen has once again called for Ukraine to have accession prospects. Wednesday’s developments to read.

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