Yes, where is the puck?: Colorado triumphs after a strange goal moment

Yes, where is the puck?
Colorado triumphs after strange goal moment

The supposed goal of DEB crack Nico Sturm is awarded to his colleague, but the ice hockey professional from Augsburg still has every reason to celebrate in game four of the Stanley Cup: Because his Colorado Avalanche is only one win away from the championship.

The Colorado Avalanche around ice hockey pro Nico Sturm is only one win away from winning the Stanley Cup. Also thanks to an assist from the Augsburger, the team from Denver got a narrow 3: 2 (0: 1, 1: 1, 1: 0) after extra time at defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning. It was the third win in four games in the NHL Finals series, and a team needs four to win the championship.

Before Nazem Kadri’s decisive goal, Sturm’s second assist of the playoffs allowed extra time. His part in equalizing at the beginning of the last period was so great that the goal to make it 2-2 was initially attributed to him. The NHL then led his teammate Andrew Cogliano as the scorer, who had deflected Sturm’s shot.

The Lightning had previously scored 1-0 after just 36 seconds through Anthony Cirelli. Nathan MacKinnon equalized and Victor Hedman gave the hosts a second lead. In extra time, Andrej Wassilewski had several very strong scenes in the Lightning goal before he had to admit defeat to Kadri.

“It was a great victory. We fought back,” Kadri commented on US television and said to the brief confusion after his goal: “I thought he held it for a second, then people came up to me.” The puck got stuck in the upper part of the goal after his shot.

The fifth and possibly last of the maximum of seven games between the two teams will take place in Denver on Saturday night. The Lightning have won the Stanley Cup for the past two years and are seeking their fourth NHL championship overall. Colorado could become champions for the third time. Sturm would be the fifth German professional overall to win the title in the North American league.

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