Nurse Jitka Koskov saved the children from Africa

Does an aid worker who wants to work on a ship mission have to have any special training?
Yes, we underwent intensive weekly training at the submarine depot in Brittany, France. The Marines used it as a training center there, where not only men and women were sent to various rescue missions, but they even commissioned iteambuilding for companies there. An entrance for submarines has been built on the shore, which is deep enough even at low tide for a submarine to enter. It’s such a big thorn in my side. Depending on how much water is below, it depends on how the hunter gets out of the submarine or the ship. He would have to climb very high up the stairs, or he would take two steps up the stairs and barefoot to the warehouse. It is a covered area, a tunnel, a marina, and it is the only pool in the world that has ten meters of concrete above it.

Libya is a free state where people are trafficked. It was like two and it will take longer.

Jitka Koskovdtsk nurse

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