Pavel Malkov shared his impressions about the trip to the Kadomsky district –

Pavel Malkov shared his impressions about the trip to the Kadomsky district

On August 11, Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region Pavel Malkov visited the Kadomsky District on a working trip.


“In general, the impression of the area is very positive. We were in the city center. Very good, high-quality planning and landscaping attracts attention. Especially the territories that were made under programs to support local initiatives and the formation of a comfortable urban environment. It is clear where to go next and the residents themselves talk about it. I think that the improvement in Kadoma will continue thanks to these programs and the concern of the residents.”

What worries

“I talked with the residents about the issues that concern them: roads, lighting. What needs to be emphasized is the economy and the creation of new jobs.

The point of growth is agriculture: expansion of sown areas and formation of processing”.


“A very good folk craft is veniz embroidery. We talked to the manager about some steps to take it further. The craftsmanship is incredible. The question is how to bring products to the end user.

forest use

“I instructed the Ministry of Natural Resources to work out the issue of using the local forest fund – civilized, official and with access to processing immediately. That is, not just to procure raw materials, but also to process them, thereby creating new jobs.”

Bank protection

“The second stage of the bank protection of the Moksha River begins, a contract has been signed and work will begin this year. There should be no excuse that something might not work out. The money has been transferred and now we just need to organize everything correctly.”

Tourism potential

“I visited the Kadom Merciful Bogoroditsky Convent. The beauty is incredible. I can advise those who have not been here – be sure to visit.

There are unique places in the region, each beautiful in its own way, but here it is a concentration of monasteries, temples – something amazing, especially since they are in such excellent condition. So I recommend.

Some issues on the development of tourism were discussed with the head of the district. There may not be mass tourism here, but, of course, people will come here. And for this it is necessary to ensure transport accessibility and appropriate infrastructure.”

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