Piqué has a strategy to take custody of his children from Shakira

The renowned soccer player Barcelona Fc He has a plan up his sleeve that could help him prevent his ex-wife from getting custody of their two children. What is it about?

Shakira had as a plan to demonstrate that because of Pique Their children have lost quality of life as a result of the media interest they have generated due to their separation. In addition, the Colombian considers Piqué the only one to blame for the separation, which is why her plans are to go to Miami, United States, as soon as possible and live there with their children and part of their family.

However, the defense and the lawyers of the Spanish soccer player may have found an escape route and it remains to be seen if they use it or finally the parties reach an amicable agreement for custody without having to battle in court. But what is strategy about?

Piqué and his team of lawyers can use the possible legal problems that Shakira would have with the Spanish justice as a strategy, since the Barcelona Public Prosecutor’s Office asks for eight years and two months in prison for the singer, whom he accuses of six crimes against the Tax authorities public for defrauding 14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014.

Shakira wants to go live in Miami with the little ones Milan Y Sasha, something with which the soccer player does not agree, because it would be very difficult for him to see his children frequently. Shakira’s tactic was to make her ex responsible for the incredible media pressure that both she and her children are suffering after the separation, a reason to leave Spain. But now, with the possible legal problems that the artist faces, her path could be a little cut short.

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