Play the prank on the Boy with the Stone: The influencer doesn’t have a pension to repair the car. The horror of revenge!

Young influencei There Untermller and Leo Svoboda spends a lot of time poking around on social media. Whoever thought that their feud would end after the July MMA match at the Clash of the Stars gala, was seriously mistaken.

Not long ago, Ondej Untermller alias Kluk fell down, because Murok Svobk and his friend stained the car with sawdust, salt and flour.

They woke me up in the morning, escorted me to my car, drove around the whole time and I see a toilet on my car, the car is sprinkled with flour, I opened it and sprinkled sawdust, sugar, salt, spices and other things. I fought behind them, I didn’t catch them, I opened the goal again and kicked up and stole their tablet for it, he told Expresa before Ace Ondej, his whole incident was very cold.

This is how Ondeja’s car ended up.

At that time, Untermller claimed that the salvage of the car cost him five hundred crowns. But now a strange person on the Internet has changed his mind and stated on Instagram that the vehicle was somehow damaged and the repair will be very expensive.

Because of the pranks Rok Svobk made, the car was damaged. The flour that got to where it got to was one hundred, which will be twenty thousand. I don’t know where to start posed the Boy with the stone, who then indicated that he would soon take revenge.

I’ll probably do it myself, I’ll take the train to Moravské Budjovice to Gagarinova Street, wrote Untermller.

The boy with the stone threatens revenge.

He probably needs money, responds Rok Svobk

The editors of contacted Ondej. Among other things, we were interested in what exactly happened to his vehicle, that he was suddenly talking about twenty thousand crowns, so we wanted to ask if vn. Untermller meant the heat in the direction of Svobek, but he refused to comment on his past.

Leo Svoboda, aka Rok Svobk, was a bit closer, and he told him what he thought about the changing age.

At first he says that it is five hundred crowns and he probably needs the money, then suddenly it is twenty thousand. I don’t want to be associated with that hunter. said a different Rok Svobk, who, at the door, twisted Ondej’s words about giving a drink.

we mentally poured him stronger drinks than him so that he would be as drunk as possible. Of course we didn’t put anything in his drink because we’re not crazy. As soon as he fell asleep, we made a mess in his car. It was because of how much he talked about me after salvation, that we laughed and so on. We were careful not to damage anything in the cars, said a young influencer who was looking for a job under the Clash of the Stars organization.

Ondej Untermller and Rok Svobk saved

At the Red Galaveer, Leo Svoboda performed very well and knocked out Ondej Untermiller with a blow from the step right in the first minute of the fight.

Untermller is going to go back to the cage, according to him. At first it looked like she was going to get together with the fiancé of the popular tiktoker Shopaholiadel.

However, this duel did not take place in the end, because Adla Pulcov soon forbade her lover from returning. According to the information of Expres, for the Boy with the stone, the intensive search for a replacement is therefore changing.

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