Repairing the customer trit is getting more complicated, sales will probably remain

When, eight years ago, the Magistrate of Žilina repaired the underpass near Prce Square, the result was chaos. The council did not agree with the owners of the shops in his neighborhood, who did not participate in the reconstruction. The old feeders thus remained in their original state.

A similar situation can be repeated with the current transformation of the central Žilina trit Pod Katany.

The city is in charge of it, with the exception of two existing sales cells, where there was no agreement with the owners and they are repairing it themselves. On the site of the existing walls, they plan to build two new ones with a terrace at the top. Only the monuments stood against it.

We wanted it to be nice. We invested a lot of money in the preparation, and the entire building would be paid for from our resources, which are limited, unlike those of the public, said Ladislav Nesrsta, the owner of one of the stalls. And he indicated and gave his procedure: Let’s leave the walls in particular as they were, and just stretch them.

The owner of the beech species Vra Frytack is thus dissatisfied. Five months ago we got a building permit and now we should get a new one? I think I will only make a basic repair, there will be no new construction, replied Frytack.

If everything went as expected, work on the construction of both cells would start. The owner had an agreement with a construction company, ordered materials. But they had to demolish it because of the monument. It bothered them that the owners wanted to change the floor plan of the cells a little, there was to be a terrace with seating on the street and a step down between the walls, after which you would go up to it.

He gave the floor to the memory of the defects

The plots are part of the cultural monument, which is the neighboring park. It would be an inappropriate precedent for a similar death user to use the third floor as well, stated Ladislav Buchta from National monument status in Krome. Memorable agreement with the beeches in the existing outline, size and volume. The owner will fix them right away.

In addition to the memo, only issue a recommending opinion. The decision is issued by the Department of Culture and Monuments at the City Hall.

Using the roof of the wall as a chamber used the surface de facto to form the floor. It would disrupt the comprehensive concept of the revitalized street and therefore damage the historical value of the estate with the park, said Tom Melzer for the Department of Culture of the city.

The department first agreed to the removal of the building walls and then the construction of new cells in the same layout and volume. The monuments only did not give consent to the realization of other apparent constructions capable of movement on the roofs of both walls, specified Melzer.

The owners have a different view on it because two councilors agreed with their proposals. I took it as an agreement with the city. I’m disappointed with that. Someone wants to code with us, or revenge, Frytack thinks. I have the feeling that it is impossible to do that, Nesrsta remarked.

Primtor Ji Korec acknowledge that the city council agreed with the rights to the late roof. Due to the fact that the memorial department did not give the green light to the death, there is no day. Pamtkov pe bohuel did not have the courage or the right argument to allow it. For example, with the regulation of what should be done on the road, so that it does not spoil the style of the monument, said Korec.

The repair of the trit should be completed in the fall

The investor thus realized the added value that he wanted to gain from the reconstruction. It is up to him whether to adjust the project, remove the roof and drill into the volume of the existing walls and reconstruct them, or decide that the investment is not worth it, and drill and supplement what was there.

Even the approval of the city management with the proposal had no effect on the building permit, which the owner did not receive due to a negative review.

We could not guarantee them a released souvenir, because it did not fall under our authority. If they allow it, we will respect it, Deputy Mayor Pavel Brada said, but I am in charge of the city’s property. The state is initially beyond the reach of self-government, Korec pointed out.

Zln concluded an agreement with the owners, according to which the walls should harmonize with the appearance of the surrounding landscape, including color differences. If they did not fulfill the contract, they would proceed first, Brada indicated.

According to the owner of the wall, it is also part of the agreement that both sides will proceed in harmony, and the city’s work has progressed to such an extent that even a small amount of the right wall will be cut so that it does not damage the new wall on the third floor.

The magistrate wants to finish the repair this autumn, but there are also complications. For example, the three-quarter stand is about half a meter higher, but it was not allowed. That’s why the city has to allow itself, which I don’t mind so much.

There is no death for the roof to rise, nor is it an enormous increase in age, said Buchta. In the course of construction, these things happen, but in contrast to the construction of walls, it is rare. It looks like two meters, which is correct, added Korec.

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