Sexy Mynov ske do baznu: Holiday in Croatia is simply not wrong!

Croatia is going this year! Not only the ech statistics went there, but also Alex Mynov (39) and his family. The moderator liked it very much, and since it was very popular last year, the choice was clear this year as well. I’m allowed to keep it secret for obvious reasons, but don’t worry about that. She even jumped into the pool when she didn’t let her sons embarrass her.

Getting ready for the summer in a swimsuit Alex Mynov howled at number one. Anyone who follows his Instagram profile could see this for themselves. On it, the moderator posted a short video from her vacation with her sons Vratislav and Viktor.

It may be surprising to many how the serious star of news and journalism is able to behave. He enjoyed jumping into the pool every day, just like his children. These are the days when mothers put on a parka for their crazy things, which is not automatically a habit in all families.

Even when it is Croatia if you are planning this year, it would be a great chance to meet the family of the castle chancellor Vratislav Myne there. The choice of the city aside, the most touristic women and curious glances of Czech fellow soldiers.

We love Croatia very much and we will go there again this year. Where, of course, I won’t say, but I’m sure we’ll enjoy it again, smiled the host on Thursday when we interviewed Felix Slovok for his birthday just before the holidays.

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