Further fire guards needed: fire brigade reduces forces after forest fire in Treuenbrietzen – Berlin

Forest fire also hits forest research project

The forest fire near Treuenbrietzen also affected the forest research project “Pyrophobic”. “Possibly the Half of our research areas affected by the fire. However, we assume that these areas will continue to be explored,” project manager Pierre Ibisch told the German Press Agency on Monday. The aim is to continue to find out how forests develop after fires. “Now we have learned in a tragic way that there can be major setbacks,” said the professor from the University for Sustainable Development in Eberswalde. The fire also destroyed measuring devices.

The big problem is that 70 percent of Brandenburg’s forests consist of highly flammable pine forests. “We live in Brandenburg on a powder keg”, according to Ibisch. The situation is dramatic and a much more effective promotion of forest development is needed.

It is questionable whether the temperatures on the day the fire broke out were sufficient for ammunition stored in the ground to spontaneously ignite. There is also the possibility of negligent arson, according to the scientist. The “Pyrophobic” project itself recovered large amounts of ammunition. However, some areas are too heavily loaded. “The fire got out of control on these,” says Ibisch.

The research project “Pyrophobic” with eight partners was launched after large-scale fires in southern Brandenburg in recent years. Different methods are being tested: on some areas, the removed the burnt trees, plowed the ground and planted young trees. On others were scattered tree seeds. Some areas have been left to their own devices and are regenerating unaffected by human intervention.

The study area in southern Brandenburg consists of two large areas – pine forests east of Treuenbrietzen and north of Jüterbog. In total, they have a size of about 65 hectares. In 2018 there was a fire in Treuenbrietzen on an area of ​​around 400 hectares. (dpa)

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