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In March, the Tagesspiegel launched the appeal to its readers. A good three months later, the donations of 578,000 euros for the Ukraine emergency aid are being distributed: The Tagesspiegel’s campaign with the “Alliance Development Helps”, which consists of many larger and smaller aid organizations, is a complete success.

Katja Kipping, Berlin Senator for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs, is also pleased about this: “Almost 600,000 euros – that’s an impressive sum that the readers of the Tagesspiegel have donated. I think this fundraiser is also very good because a medium like the Tagesspiegel not only provides reliable news and analyzes about the war against Ukraine, but also uses its reach and popularity to specifically target people who have fled from Ukraine with donations to its readership support. This is exemplary. I would like to thank the Tagesspiegel and its readers for this social commitment and generosity.”

“I am very impressed, if not surprised, by the great helpfulness and generosity of our readers,” says Lorenz Maroldt, editor-in-chief and chairman of the Tagesspiegel donation association. At a small celebration in the publishing house, there was a symbolic check handover in the presence of numerous project managers from the various sponsors. “The war in Ukraine continues to affect us all. The desire to help has always characterized Berliners, but especially these days. Many thanks to all donors!”

The aim of the campaign – for which the Admiralspalast also collected – was to use the donated money to help people in Ukraine, neighboring countries and also the organizations and refugees in Germany itself. It mainly goes to three projects of the alliance’s nine aid organizations, which are often locally networked and can therefore help effectively, always adapted to changing needs. The Tagesspiegel donation association also donates part of the donation amount directly to local refugee aid projects in Berlin and Brandenburg. These are: Donation Bridge Ukraine (Tentaja gGmbH), Elisabethstift, Moabit Hilft eV and Caritas.

With the aid campaign for the victims of the Ukraine war, the Tagesspiegel is building on many successful donation rounds. Long-time readers know this – the traditional fundraising campaign has not only started for 30 years before Christmas on the 1st Advent. Even if there is a catastrophe, such as after the tsunami in 2004, after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 or after Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, the Tagesspiegel organizes a fundraiser together with an experienced development cooperation partner.

You can find more information about the “People help!” campaign, the “Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft” and its members at

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