Loss of after-school care staff feared: Three Neukölln schools are no longer considered focal points – Berlin

From August 1st, three Neukölln schools will apply nothing more than focal points. This was decided by the Senate Education Administration.

This has a concrete impact on the after-school caretakers at the Karlsgarten elementary school, the Karl-Weise elementary school and the school on the Teltow Canal, who from this point on – without the so-called focal point allowance – Get less salary.

The parents’ representatives of the schools mentioned and the overall parents’ representatives now fear that many after-school care workers could switch to other schools.

“We parents are appalled by this situation and are committed to the rights of our educators! We depend on a well-regulated childcare operation at our schools! We need constant and trusting care for all children,” the parent representatives demanded in an open letter.

[Dieser Text stammt aus dem Neukölln-Newsletter vom Tagesspiegel. Den kompletten Newsletter gibt es kostenlos unter leute.tagesspiegel.de]

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According to this, after-school caregivers in particular would be grouped lower due to the elimination of the focal point allowance, which would mean monthly salary losses of up to 507 euros gross. The parents are now demanding fair payment for the educators and measures against the shortage of staff in the schools.

In order to draw attention to the situation, they are currently organizing an action week. There is more information about this here in the accompanying petition (PDF).

On June 24th, a demo entitled “Save our after-school care center – fair grouping for after-school care teachers” will take place in front of the Karl-Weise-School on the Schillerpromenade. This is what the parent representatives are calling for. It starts at 3:30 p.m.

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