Personal details: Sidney Gennies and Sabine Schicketanz are promoted to the extended editor-in-chief of the Tagesspiegel – Presseportal

From now on, they will support the editor-in-chief, especially in strategic work and in daily planning.

While Sidney Gennies (33) was training as a trainee at the Tagesspiegel, Sabine Schicketanz (45) began her career at the Potsdamer Latest News, which is part of the Tagesspiegel. Both have made a name for themselves in the past few years with their journalistic skills and expertise within their respective houses.

Gennies has been in charge of the Story department since 2019, where he takes care of reports, interviews, long reads, investigative and digital matters. Schicketanz has been the successful editor-in-chief of the Potsdamer Latest News since 2014 and has proven to be an excellent expert in the distribution area. Both will continue in their current roles and take on additional responsibilities within the extended editorial board.

In addition to the editor-in-chief consisting of the editors-in-chief Lorenz Maroldt and Christian Tretbar and their deputies Anke Myrrhe and Stephan Haselberger, this management group of the Tagesspiegel also includes Christoph Dowe, Benjamin Reuter, Miriam Schröder and Thomas Weyres and now Sidney Gennies and Sabine Schicketanz.

Lorenz Maroldt and Christian Tretbar: “The transformation process of the Tagesspiegel into a multimedia publishing house is in full swing and involves a lot of work. We are therefore very pleased about this balanced and strong management team and are convinced that we will master the challenges of the future with this structure.”

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