Police reports from Berlin and Brandenburg: 81-year-old car hits oncoming traffic and dies – Police & Justice – Berlin

Motorcyclist seriously injured in alleged race

With an alleged Race with a car driver is a 40-year-old motorcyclist in Moabit crashed and seriously injured been. As the police announced on Sunday, the man had been on his motorcycle in the Tiergarten tunnel in the direction of Wedding the day before.

According to the findings of the officials, the assumption is that he is a Race with a 27-year-old in a high-powered car delivered, said a police spokeswoman. The motorcyclist had an accident just behind the tunnel exit for an unknown reason, but there is said to have been no collision.

Rescue workers took the badly injured man to the hospital, where he needed surgery. The driver was not injured. The two vehicles and the driver’s licenses of both men were confiscated and investigations are ongoing. (dpa)

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