Space for 570 people: A new refugee home is being built in Berlin-Spandau – Berlin

A new refugee home is being built in Berlin-Spandau. The housing association Berlin-Mitte (WBM) is constructing a new building on the Askanierring in the north of Spandau, which will initially be used to provide living space for refugees.

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The 1 to 5 room apartments are then to be marketed on the general housing market.

As the Tagesspiegel learned in advance, WBM and the construction company BATEG GmbH want to sign the contract for cooperation on Thursday. Construction is scheduled to start in July and completion is scheduled for April 2024.

The two new buildings are to be adjacent to apartments on Schönwalder Strasse. On the same property is the listed former mountain barracks for students, which has been used as an initial reception facility for refugees since 2020. There used to be a parking space for mobile homes.

The new home directly opposite one is in the making new elementary schoolwhich is also scheduled for completion in 2024.

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According to Christina Geib, Managing Director of WBM, the 128 new apartments should be able to accommodate up to 570 people: “Living space in Berlin is scarce and those who have fled want to arrive and find accommodation.”

A large multifunctional room for up to 100 people is intended for meetings and exchanges between the residents of the facility and the local residents. (tsp)

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