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A lot can go wrong in the nine months leading up to the birth. That’s why gynecologist Mandy Mangler explains in the current episode of her uncensored podcast consultation what pregnant women should or should not do from a medical point of view. For example, painkillers like aspirin are okay early in pregnancy, but can cause problems for the fetus later in the month.

At the same time, the doctor discusses with Anna Kemper from Zeit magazine why people constantly interfere in the lives of pregnant women. The two podcasters are faced with the difficult question: should we rather stay completely out of the lives of pregnant women and rely on self-determination? Or does this approach contribute to an exaggerated image of the all-round mother who can, and consequently has to, overcome any challenge herself. What other approaches can there be where responsibility for pregnancy is taken as a community without it becoming encroaching?

In between, Esther Kogelboom from the Tagesspiegel keeps speaking by voice message and talks about the things she didn’t want to do without during her pregnancy, what helped her with back pain and she talks about a visit to a masseuse with a hole in the mattress for her baby bump.

Notes on the podcast

Responsible for editing and production of the “Gyncast”: Markus Lücker.

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About puberty, desire and contraception, the desire to have children and having children: The Tagesspiegel podcast “Gyncast” is the completely uncensored consultation with gynecologist Dr. Mandy Mangler. Every two weeks. Anywhere there are podcasts

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