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The cheerleaders from Staaken belong to the best that Berlin can offer in the dance sport scene. Her name: “United Cheer Berlin”. The cheerleaders have been part of SC Staaken since 2009 and are now one of the largest departments in Berlin (“250 active”). Finally made it the top athletes at the world championships in Florida/USA on the podium, now the weekend in Riesa at the German championships was cleared. Short form: In the end there was a cup victory in different classes, a runner-up title, entry into the German Cheersport Bundesliga… and for those who also want to learn the sport: “Our sighting training will take place until July 4th,” write the cheerleaders in the Spandau newsletter . “All cheerleading enthusiasts from the age of 5 can register there.” Information:

[Diese Nachrichten erschienen zuerst im Spandau-Newsletter vom Tagesspiegel. Sie wollen mehr davon: Den Bezirksnewsletter mit konkreten Kiez-News, Tipps und Terminen gibt es einmal pro Woche und kostenlos hier]

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Sports Committee met at Sportfreunde Kladow. The artificial turf of the club on the Gößweinsteiner Gang (2500 members, boss Marlon Otter) has been a bad renovation case for years. By 2024, City Councilor Frank Bewig, CDU, wants to demolish the space for 1.5 million and have it rebuilt – here are the plans in the Tagesspiegel.

After all the complaints, the sports committee around Lars Reinefahl, CDU, met on the club premises on Monday. The newly elected Spandau Senior Representative around Karl-Heinz Klocke was also there, took a picture and reports: “Dhe percentage of seniors who are physically active is 20% of the members.”

SC Siemensstadt: Sports fields are being renovated.These papers from Sports Senator Iris Spranger, SPD are also very fresh. As part of the “club investment program”, the sports fields of Spandau’s largest club (boss Matthias Brauner, 6000 members) are being renovated. This emerges from a current tender, which is now used to search for construction companies. Accordingly, the two artificial turf areas on Buolstrasse will be demolished from September and rebuilt, including ball fences and the like. Planned completion: Christmas 2022. Source: tender

According to the Senate’s tender, the artificial turf pitches of SC Siemensstadt – on the right in the picture – are to be renovated.Photo: promo/SC Siemensstadt

Fair play gesture of the month for SC Siemensstadt. Applause, Osman Toprak! The youth coach of SC Siemensstadt has been awarded the “Fair Play Gesture of the Month” by the Berlin Football Association for his conduct. What happened? SC Siemensstadt II and 1. FC Schöneberg II met in the title race of the C-Junior district class A. All of this became a minor matter “shortly after the start of the second half, when a player from Schöneberg fell badly without external influence,” writes the football association. “The game was then interrupted for a long time and the players and those in charge at 1. FC Schöneberg were thinking about their teammates.” So Siemensstadt coach Toprak decided to end the game early and give the guests the current score of 1:3 allow. The award was given by BFV President Bernd Schultz – here is a photo of the honoree.

“GOOOOLDD on the first day of racing.” Last week first Christian Krabel from the Rowing Union Arkona (based on the Scharfen Lanke) pointed out to me top competitive sports in Kassel – and the women from Spandau promptly won there: Do you want to see how the “Havelqueen” eight over the rejoiced in victory? Please have a look here on the Facebook page. “The next race day is on July 16th in Borsighafen in Tegel,” Krabel said. “And on Sunday, July 17, the rowing against cancer race day will also take place in Tegel.”

From Kladow via Hertha BSC to Basel. As a child, he and his brother dribbled around every rhododendron on the way to the Sportfreunde Kladow sports field. He made his first appearances as a professional soccer player at Hertha BSC: Anton Kade, 18, has now switched to FC Basel. The young German national player wants to make the leap into men’s football there and has signed until 2026. Here is the first interview with the club channel: Twitter FC Basel.

Grandstand for Blau-Weiss Spandau? The sports field on Wilhelmstraße will be demolished by 2024 and rebuilt 40 meters to the south. I gave you the 50 million euro plans – has to do with the construction of the neighboring Bertolt Brecht School here in detail in the Tagesspiegel newsletter presented. Now was sports councilor Frank Bewig, CDU, as a guest in the “Endspiel” club house from Blau-Weiss Spandau, which is also being demolished. The club will have to play elsewhere during the construction phase of at least a year before the new pitch is ready. vice board Bernd Schuster has already expressed lively ideas for the new sports field: “a ball stop net, a grandstand or a multi-purpose room in the clubhouse”. Q:

Sportsman of the year. There was also endless applause recently in the citadel! The reigning world champions and German champions of the seniors in the standard dances Carolin and Martin Schmiel were happy about the title “Sportswoman & Sportsman of the Year 2021”. The two now get a stone from Mayor Carola Brückner, SPD, and Frank Bewig, CDU – not a noble clunker, but a “stone of fame” on the Walk of Fame in the south park. 192 people who have at least become German champions were honored.

“Here he is, the new East German champion in canoe polo”. Applause goes to the “Havelbrüder” canoe polo club headed by Paul Bundschuh, which is based on the island of Eiswerder. At the weekend, the Spandau team won the East German Championships on the reservoir near Glauchau (located in Saxony, near the Thuringian border). The U16 became runners-up in their performance class. The club online:

111 kilometers in 24 hours. This message makes your knees tremble from the effort just reading it! “The SUP kids from Wasserfreunde Spandau used the 24-hour charity marathon for the benefit of Unicef ​​for an impressive performance,” Spandau’s SUP expert Oliver Tusche tells me. For example, Marlon Daskiran paddled 24 hours, covered 111 kilometers and received a Unicef ​​soccer ball for this achievement, autographed by national soccer player Julian Draxler. PS: I wrote last week that the SUP department is based behind the citadel, but the paddlers have moved on. Tusche: “We are now at the Waterkant and at the Plötzensee lido.”

“Run of Spirit” in the Johannesstift: the balance sheet. 400 people took part in this year’s “Run of Spirit” (“with wheelchairs, feet or roller fiets”). This is reported by the Johannesstift around Anne Hanhörster. “The eleven runs in different categories again offered the chance to measure oneself in sporting competitions or simply to share the joy of movement and community.” Q: Johannesstift

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