Water sports paradise Spandau: Have you ever been to the top of the Berlin DLRG tower? – Berlin

DLRGer view! Do you know the tower of the DLRG station at Scharfe Lanke, this water sports paradise in Berlin-Spandau? Certainly. There was at the weekend Open-door day. And because Christin Respondek just had time between the boat tour, blue lights and bratwurst stand, he got Spandau newsletter from the daily mirror a quick tour of the house all the way to the top.

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Christin Respondek is the head of the Spandau DLRG (900 people, including 100 lifeguards on Havel and Glienicker See). You probably know the house from below. It was built in 1974. The tower was named after the then President of the DLRG, Siegfried John, and has a very distinctive shape.

“The Berlin architect Ludwig Leo designed the house at the end of the 1960s and built a ship on land for the Berlin water rescuers and their guests. The triangular shape of the building is intended to be reminiscent of the sail of a sailing boat and the antenna mast of a ship’s funnel,” writes the DLRG on its website. Here I found an obituary for architect Leo that is worth reading: berlin.dlrg.de (PDF, 2012).

What I didn’t know: The house has a sloping lift for boats on the outside. Look at the white rails in both photos – you can even see a boat in the elevator in the picture at the top, here in higher resolution.

And here below I show you a photo from above out the window. Isn’t the view gorgeous? To the left it goes towards Havel and Marina Lanke, in front of us is the Scharfe Lanke.

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Ah, wonderful. In front of us the Scharfe Lanke with all its boats.Photo: André Görke

The house used to be a stacked boat garage with 10 floors to store the boats dry in winter, the DLRG boss told me. Today’s lifeboats are too big for that.

10 floors, 50 beds, inside the famous diving tower

Inside there are over 50 beds, kitchen, couch and galley, showers and conference rooms, workshops and the diving tower, into which many would have liked to jump in the heat. But it’s not a toy, it’s a training facility for rescue divers from all over the country.

Plain text from Spandau and hardships on the North and Baltic Seas

PS: Fortunately, new interested parties have reported after the DLRG boss Plain text spoke in the daily mirror, didn’t push around and rather asked for offensive help. Because the volunteer lifeguards have difficulties after two Corona years to sufficiently staff the rescue stations on the Havel. That was recently here first in Spandau topic, then in Reinickendorf – and now also reports the “Spiegel”that there are very similar needs for the beaches on the Baltic and North Seas. If you want to help, even with small donations: spandau.dlrg.de.

Water sports are often a big topic in the Spandau newsletter, after all Spandau is a real water sports district – with all its summer troubles: Speeders, garbage and annoying party ships. Spandau’s city councilor speaks here in the Tagesspiegel about stress on the Havel, junk ships and jet skis from the water police. And speaks Spandau’s traffic councilor via barriers and illegal parkers at the bathing lake – and what a BVG bus line to Glienicker See fails.

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  • Wasteland, bare squares, no trees: Berlin’s building senator visits the water town of Spandau. The newsletter contains the on-site check before the big political visit from downtown Berlin
  • Everyone knows “Little Venice”, but who lives in the excursion idyll? The head of the “Freunde Klein-Venedigs” (Friends of Little Venice) speaks in the newsletter about the heat, mosquitoes, vegans, tourist trouble – and wishes for the Spandau town hall
  • “I met Bela B. from the doctors”: The exclusive photo of two Spandau music legends is in the newsletter
  • BVG bus to the bathing lake? City Councilor for Transport talks about barriers and bus ideas in the newsletter
  • Will the “Berliner Tor” at Gutspark Kladow be demolished? Baustadtrat solves the riddle of the scaffolding in the newsletter
  • Happy birthday, dear BVG ferry F10!
  • Radschnellweg to Falkensee – and what about the “Radweg der Sympathie” in Spandau?
  • First the Techno service, now the Schlager service in Staaken – the village priest tries out a lot
  • Choirs, cinema and culture: Lots of tips for Spandau
  • Spandau’s most famous restaurant is for sale
  • Three tips for the Fete de la Musique
  • Newsletter visits the DLRG tower on the Scharfen Lanke – and is allowed to go upstairs for you with the photo camera
  • SC Siemensstadt: sports fields are renovated, youth coaches are honored
  • Cheerleaders from Staaken (“United Cheers Berlin”) are among the top dancers in the city
  • Young professional from Hertha BSC: Kladower Anton Kade is moving to FC Basel
  • Hitler’s bronze horses are coming to Spandau: now it’s clear where they can be seen
  • Havelradweg in Gatow: An 800-meter section has been missing for years – the newsletter mentions the new idea for the village center

By the way, in our newsletters from Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Spandau, Tempelhof-Schöneberg and of course in all other district people newsletters from the Tagesspiegel, you can find out about the birthdays of friends, life partners, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, business partners etc. or congratulate yourself with a few nice words. Write to our authors, whose e-mail addresses you will find in the newsletters.

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