The 3 funniest moments Jungkook hates to lose in Run BTS

Jungkook He is a member who always shows a proof of love to everything, but with the friendship he forms with the members, although not everything is like that, since the beginning of the band the singers commented that Jungkook was the main person who got angry about everything and had a bad temper.

From the episodes of RUN btsa program of various categories with the objective of finding puzzles and clues, has the participation of MR, Jin, Suga, J Hope, Jimin, v and Jungkook with a special side that he does not like to lose, have become totally funny reactions for fans.

However, the program took a temporary break from 2021 and stated that it would return after several months, but due to the temporary separation of the group, this fun program decided to extend its break due to the decision of the members, since each member He is currently creating his own development in the music industry.

Even though his group activities are over, Jungkook keeps surprising us with these funny angry scenes during the show:

Episode 108

He showed his dark side by defeating all the members in the game, but Taehyung managed to get his revenge and you won’t believe Jungkook’s reaction.

Episode 117

In this chapter, it is about going through several team games, which the challenge was about achieving the balance of 5 bottles by throwing them on the table, but without a doubt Jungkook failed to try like 10 times and got angry just by seeing him .

Episode 119

According to a member acknowledgment session, Jungkook made his choice and without realizing that he made several mistakes in answering, he became completely despondent and gave the members a lot of laughter.

Episode 126

Among the funniest events for ARMY, is the search episode, to complete missions. In which you had to remove the lid of a bottle with a stick, but it was very complicated and Jungkook chose to get fruity and angry several times.

Never beat Jungkook he will be your worst enemy!

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