The British government is full of crises for the winter, calling for gas shutdowns

According to the crisis plan, it is possible that due to the drop in electricity imports from France and Norway and the freezing weather in January, the government would have to launch an emergency measure for those days due to the gas dispute.

According to the most recent scenario, Britain could be missing a quarter of the electricity that the country consumes during its worst period.

it would be an extreme situation, when the coal-fired power plant would also be put into operation. If the import of electrical energy from Norway and France were to fall and there were frosts, there could be those days in January, after which the government would have to launch an emergency measure in order to cut gas.

It is not a dream, as we expected, the Ministry of Trade, Energy and Industrial Strategy said in a statement. Households, companies and industrial enterprises can be sure that they will get electricity and gas as they need it, and that’s how it works.

Britain on the way to recession

The Reuters agency notes that this information comes not long after the Bank of England warned that Britain is on the way to a long recession. Consumer prices rose by 9.4 percent in April, and it is expected that due to the health crisis, inflation will accelerate.

Politically, one of the current economic problems is the pit brakes of choosing a new prime minister, his name should be known 5. z.

While the governments of European countries come up with a strategy to save gas and increase the capacity of the stations, the group led by the foreign minister Liz Trussov√° and the former head of the finance department Rishi Sunak are arguing about one suitable for Britain.

Charities, business groups and politicians are calling on Truss and Sunak to drink to the brim to help the people of Britain pay for energy, which is forecast to rise by 82 percent in June.

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