The Moje Olomouc application will now encourage people to take polls and criticize the opposition

The contract for the change of architecture, redesign and new functions was concluded by the city in mid-April. Moje Olomouc should go into trial operation by winter.

The redesign of the application is related to the new order for cookies and the survey. Due to this, there was a debate about whether the application could be renovated. It was created in 2018, and after those years it would deserve renovation, explained Deputy Mayor Matou Pelikn (KDU-SL).

He is in charge of the Smart City area, which involves the use of digital, information and communication technologies to improve the quality of life of residents.

The polls will look like that, with simple questions, the town hall could discover Mr. Olomouan and the people who move around the city, and get feedback from them on various topics. It should be possible to send a request to ad.

The advantage of mobile polls is to minimize the chances of their misuse, and the low number of users speaks against it. So far, the application has only been downloaded a few times, and the city is going to promote it after the change.

The application will contain an overview of cultural events, a list of popular festivals or an overview of lunch menus in Olomouc businesses.

I was in favor of using the advantages of the mobile phone, i.e. the position level for children, which I think is great. The debate on whether to just reduce it to things that a mobile phone allows, and not to duplicate the website, turned out to be that for the time being we will complete new modules and then we will see each other, Deputy Pelikn stated.

According to him, he added that the original estimates were eight hundred thousand crowns, and the European subsidy will cover half of the cost.

With the new parking rules, even Chytr Olomouc could see growth in the future, on the other hand, unused specialized applications and websites should be limited, according to Pelikn.

The opposition sees the bill as an unused blunder. The player Moje Olomouc was pitched just before the end and missed the garnishes. She had little money, no money, everything was money. But the town hall does not recover from its mistakes, only the city committee for Smart City and Information Technology and representative Marek Zelenka (PirSTAN) criticized it.

The user will not pay for the parking or public transport ticket, but it will direct him to another portal, application, website, where he will issue the requested service.

So MobilOK got a new look

According to him, it was more effective to use some proven applications, such as Munipolis or Obec. Some cities in the region similarly use a simple overview of news and contact and one board, for example, the applications of Umperk in mobile and Prostjov in mobile.

I think there are a lot of functional ones on the market that could be outsourced. if we are essentially on the most risky path of our own development, assessed Zelenka.

A similar proposal is also made in the case of regional transport and the collaboration of the Olomouc transport company (DPMO). The organization that operates public trains and buses in the region is now not allowed to modernize its MobilOK application, which is poorly rated by passengers.

It will be replaced by the IDSOK mobile application. For now, however, they will have a user in the mobile application dv.

The current project of one combined application is not complete, said Anna Skorov, spokeswoman for the municipal carrier.

At the same time, she pointed out that the two-year-old DPMO application and the prepared regional service are technologically very different from the control of electronic passports. In Olomouc public transport, it is supervised by an auditor, it is already established in the integrated transport system. It will therefore be necessary to adjust the audit trails and to implement both systems so that passengers do not have problems.

Expert: The carrier must learn to cooperate

According to the contract published in the register of contracts, the regional transport application can be expected to be in full operation until the spring of the fifth year for a fee of 700,000 crowns without VAT.

Clem is a fully operable and functional online mobile application for the general public, integrating an e-shop for purchasing passes and communication with its existing systems, according to the document.

According to Jakub Slavek, an expert on the Smart City vision, applications for public transport passengers are much more about organized culture and relationships between companies than about technology.

It is obvious that a unified information system including all transport in the region, if it is fully functional and user-friendly, because the service is not limited to only one, should be the carrier. But for that, you have to judge yourself, and remember the expert’s own experience from the middle ages, where the carriers behaved like rivals in the early 90s, but later they started to cooperate.

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