The rhetoric of Trump’s friends is pleasing. At Stach, call for the Obansk wolf

Trump’s supporters are VERY excited about the idea of ​​the Obansk wolf, Caroline Orrov, a researcher from the University of Maryland who deals with disinformation and extremism on the Internet, noted on Twitter last night. For the release, she linked a number of tweets from the same social network, in which they talk about Obansk wolves or appear free to arms.

Analytical company Dataminr recorded a several-fold increase in the number of tweets about the Obansk wolf on Monday evening. During the night, the frequency decreased, but in the morning of American time it was called again, the peak was ten times the bn frequency, CNN television reporter Donie OSullivan wrote.

Extreme rhetoric often comes from anonymous people, but also known personalities with hundreds of followers. For example, one activist of the republican camp, Charlie Kirk, raised a fundamental question on Twitter, for the sake of the people, don’t admire the current situation. The popular YouTuber Steven Crowder again declared that she is a wolf.

Trump to live in Florida on Monday agents searched Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). According to informed American media sources, the search was related to the suspicion that the ex-president mishandled official reports, including classified material.

A few months ago, the press reported that after leaving the White House for his Florida resort Mar-a-Lago, the ex-president took 15 boxes with materials, including government documents, and could thus violate the law on presidential records.

Congressmen would dismantle the FBI

In the TheDonald group on the Reddit social network, where radical Trump supporters gather, immediately after the raid, the best-rated dog was told to prepare to fire.

This is probably the worst (intensity of calls to violence) I’ve seen since January 5, 2021, said NBC News reporter Ben Collins, who specializes in mapping extremism in the US. He was referring to the eve of the post-election riots, in which Trump supporters stormed the Washington Capitol. There is talk of the fact that you have already washed up on the full board and that you have to start taking action, he added.

Meanwhile, Republican politicians accuse the federal Department of Justice of a politically motivated act and criticize the FBI, while there is no evidence of improper conduct. Radical congressmen like Paul Gosar or Marjorie Taylor Greene even call for the FBI to be abolished or resort to inverting the American flag to convey that the US is under threat.

Many prominent Republicans quickly resorted to politicians instead of making mistakes, and the facts will come out, according to NBC News. According to television, the development was a reminder of the current state of American politics. No matter how many accusations that Trump committed wrongdoing, the majority of Republicans take it as a test of loyalty to the former president, he added.

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