The southern entrance to Nizhny Tagil has turned into a continuous traffic jam due to repairs

The southern entrance in an emergency mode is being repaired for the 300th anniversary of Nizhny Tagil. Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev asked to speed up the work. Because of the rush, the entrance to the city has been stuck in a traffic jam for more than a week, and drivers complain about the quality of work.

The contract for the repair of about 8 km of the southern entrance to Nizhny Tagil was played two years ago – in July 2020. The contract was awarded to UralStroyMontazh, reducing the cost of work from 104 to 88 million rubles (-15%). Renovation of the roadway has only just begun, since the main funding is provided for 2022. For half of the construction season, the contractor did not go to the site, and then accelerated sharply – Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev instructed to hand over the object by the City Day. That is 10 days ahead of schedule. The rush, motorists argue, has led to traffic jams and a decline in the quality of work.

The South Entrance has been in a traffic jam for more than a week, drivers told Vse Novosti news agency. Traffic is practically unregulated, and cars have to drive on fresh tar and uncompacted asphalt.

“For more than a week we have been standing in a traffic jam at the South Entrance every day. Each time – on a new site: either after a fork, or between Kapasikha and Nikolo-Pavlovsky. It was especially sensitive on Sunday and Friday, when everyone left the city and returned home. At the same time, in some areas two lanes are flooded with tar at once, everything flies in different directions, there is no reverse movement. The seam between the rolled-up strips is overlapped, ”says motorist Evgeny.

The customer for the repair of the Southern Entrance is the Regional Road Administration, everything is financed from the regional budget. The work is guaranteed and if defects are found, the contractor will be obliged to eliminate them. IA “All News” tried to contact the director of “UralStroyMontazh” Alexei Golyashchenko, he did not answer the journalist’s call.

UralStroyMontazh is a large road construction company. She overhauled the complex of streets on Vye and Krasny Kamen (Bykova – Kosmonavtov – Pobedy – Griboyedov), built roads on Murinsky Ponds and reconstructed the overpass on Tsiolkovsky. The last in a row is one of the most problematic: they promise to open full-fledged traffic along the crossing from the fall of 2020, but the deadlines are constantly being postponed.

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