The Ukrainians used esk rocket launchers against them, the separatists are hard

RM-70 rocket launchers at the buildings in the Brdy military training area (May 29, 2007)
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DNR military experts confirmed that the Kyiv fortress in Donetsk was a barracks for the Ukrainian armed forces and specified the use of weapons and the direction of fire. Neptel fired from positions located northwest of Donetsk and used RM-70 122-millimeter rocket launchers delivered by the Czech Republic in April this year, the TASS agency quoted from the communique. It pointed out that most of the rockets were equipped with high-explosive warheads with an external firing pin.

The contention of the involved parties cannot be verified from independent sources in conditions of open conflict.

In May of this year, the Ukrainian portal Defense Express wrote that Czech RM-70 rocket launchers were used in the fight against the Russian invasion forces that invaded Ukraine. According to the portal, the deployment of the Czech rocket launcher is also evidenced by the growing number of video captures from the RM-70. They first appeared in front of Ukrainian forces in April, but it is not yet known how many of these vehicles Ukraine has at its disposal.

According to the Ukrainian side, the RM-70 rocket launchers have priority over the Russian BM-21 Grad rocket launchers, even though both systems use the same 122 millimeter rockets. First of all, it is a chassis that, for the Czech model of the Ural truck, uses a Tatra chassis in 8×8 bottom drive, which is suitable together with a better engine.

But perhaps more important is the fact that the Tatra chassis allows the rocket launcher to be loaded with another 40 rockets. Inserting them into the rocket launcher with the help of a hydraulic system only takes a few minutes, while the loaded BM-21 can take up to an hour. The shortened charge time is a non-standard weapon in combat instead of conventional enemy fire, the portal added.

The RM-70 rocket launchers were created in the former Slovakia, originally on about T-813 Kolos, in modern versions on the T-815 chassis. The rocket launchers were made in Dubnice nad Vhom in Slovakia. Later there was also a modification that uses American rockets.

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