Yulia Kovalchuk showed how her parents celebrated an important family holiday


The popular singer shared with fans the good news. Her parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary the day before.

Photo social networks.

Julia published a touching post on her social networks dedicated to strong love and family happiness, which easily copes with long years and the most difficult trials.

“Golden wedding is for many a holiday only from books. But my mom and dad for 50 years prove that love is happiness, work, trials, and immense joy. Yesterday we celebrated this incredible date, and once again I was convinced that we are creating the world around us that we want, and it depends only on us what kind of people are nearby and how much they bring us happiness or trouble!” — shared his opinion Kovalchuk.

Photo social networks.

Yulia accompanied her publication with a joint shot with happy parents, and also showed what kind of original wedding cake she gave them for their anniversary.


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